Aug. 04

    Hiking the Andes Mountains

    Hiking the Andes

    It rained, no, it poured, all day for two days straight before we saw a gap in the forecast that might allow us to explore these mountains in our backyard. Although we were thoroughly enjoying the days spent drinking wine by the fire, we were staying right in the foothills of the Andes and were anxious to get out and see the outdoors. So as soon as we saw a rain-free day we planned to make the most of it and spend the day hiking.

    With a very rough map in hand we started out packed with food, water, and extra layers. The first stop on our map was a waterfall hidden amongst a bamboo forest. We walked towards the crescendo of rushing water as we parted the sticks of bamboo moving steadily through the forest. Once we spent significant time admiring the unique beauty of the lagoon, we continued on our way passing through sections of thick forest to wide open spaces where the vastness of the mountains was undeniable. Almost every half hour one of us gawked at the incredible view before us.

    Jul. 26

    A Harbour Sunrise


    About two weeks ago we took a week-long winter vacation and traveled in the central region of Chile. One of our stops along the way was Valparaíso, a coastal town not too far from Santiago. When you arrive in Valparaíso it is as if you have traveled to another country entirely. It's unlike anywhere else I have been in Chile, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The town is filled with quirkiness and is most known for it's abundance of street art that covers almost every building. It's sensory overload, in the best way. We spent our short time there just wandering around, up and down all the hills, taking it all in (that and eating a lot).

    Jul. 05

    More Than Just a Pair of Shoes


    The other day I was walking home from the supermarket and I glanced down at my very worn in boots that had become soaked by the rain, and all of the sudden a thousand memories flooded my mind. Memories of the places that they've taken me, both the incredible and the tough times that they've seen, and all the stories that they could tell came rushing towards me faster than I could process. Traveling has forced me to make purposeful decisions about my clothes, taking into account their flexibilty amongst different seasons, practicality, comfort, and style. When I got home and put my boots away in the closet I took a quick scan of my clothes to see if anything else stood out to me as particularly meaningful. When I did, I noticed that there were several key pieces in my wardrobe that I continue to reach for again and again no matter where we are.

    Jun. 21

    How to make a Pisco Sour

    Pisco Sour

    The century-long debate between Chile and Peru over who should get all the credit for introducing the world to this tangy cocktail we call pisco sour, is still going strong today. I don't think it will ever truly be settled. Neither country wants to give the other one the credit for their national drink. And I don't blame them. It's pretty dang delicious so I'd probably fight over claim to it too. Either way, whether it was Peru or Chile who put this drink on the map, I thank you.

    Jun. 16

    My Favorite Time of the Day


    In the silence of the morning I can hear my heart,
    I can feel the longing of my soul
    and I can once again see clearly.

    Before the world wakes, time slows down.
    Deadlines and schedules do not exist.
    All sense of urgsency seems to be forgotten.
    Time is marked solely by the slow pour of fresh coffee
    and the gentle awakening of the sun.