My Favorite Time of the Day


In the silence of the morning I can hear my heart,
I can feel the longing of my soul
and I can once again see clearly.

Before the world wakes, time slows down.
Deadlines and schedules do not exist.
All sense of urgency seems to be forgotten.
Time is marked solely by the slow pour of fresh coffee
and the gentle awakening of the sun.

The clouds of my mind are parted and quickly evaporate,
making way for the light, once again.
With the light comes a sense of calmness, of clarity, and eagerness.
I'm given another chance.
The ability to move forward with courage and passion.

As the light intensifies, the clouds begin to creep back in.
Slowly at first and I'm able to fight them off,
desperately clinging to the last drop of light.
Soon they out number me and I can hold them off no longer.
The clock starts its rhythmic ticking.
The beat of my heart is swallowed by the clicking of keyboards and the voices of strangers.
I feel lost and I can't find a way out.
I search for the sun, for the silence, but it's nowhere to be found.

A single ray of light escapes the thick cover of the clouds and warms my skin.
For a brief moment I am brought back from the fog with thoughts of the morning.
Tomorrow will come and bring with it the stillness in my soul.
I will wait.


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