Jun. 07

    Unwinding at Los Pozones Hot Springs

    Hot Springs

    It’s hard to think of a day that sounds more relaxing than soaking in a natural hot springs surrounded by autumn-colored trees and a cool breeze. There are endless ways to expend your energy amongst the lakes and mountains in this region, so it only seems fitting that nature gives us a way to relax and unwind as well. Last weekend we traded in our hiking gear for swimsuits and headed out to spend the afternoon at one of the many hot springs just outside of Pucón.

    Jun. 02

    Life in Chile

    Life in Chile

    I’ve been going about daily life here in Chile, posting ever so often over here without giving you a proper introduction to our new town and life. So let me back up a bit.
    We arrived in Chile a little over a month ago and have been settled into our new town of Villarrica for about four weeks. Villerica is a small-ish town in the center of southern Chile. As I mentioned in my last post, Villarrica sits on a beautiful lake flanked by mountains and volcanos. On the other side of the lake is Pucón, Villarrica’s more tourist-friendly neighbor. The area is known for its access to nature and outdoor adventures, which we are steadily working on checking off our list.

    May. 19

    Lake Villarrica


    In the south of Chile, in between two charming towns, sits a lake with jaw-dropping views from every angle. Jagged mountains serve as the primary backdrop to the typically glass-like water. Though the towering volcano with smoke looming around its peak can easily steal the show with the overwhelming sense of awe it provokes. This lake just so happens to be located two blocks from the cabin we’re currently calling home.

    May. 10

    Why I Travel


    I’m naturally a pretty quiet person (though some might say otherwise). I love going out and spending time with my friends, but I also love quiet time at home. My entire life I’ve been labeled “the quiet one”. When I was younger I frequently got asked, “Do you speak?” by people I didn’t know well. I started to really hate that about myself. I felt like it was a hurdle I had to overcome if I ever wanted to be successful. Then the summer before my senior year in college I decided to study abroad in Spain. I intentionally did not go through my university; instead I went with an outside program where I wouldn’t know anyone. In some ways it was a test. Can you do this? What will you do when you have no one to hide behind? How will you get by without your safety net of friends? Needless to say, it was quite the shock at first. But I adapted, and eventually it became a whole lot easier. I passed the test. I think I knew all along that I would, but I needed that extra push. Without even realizing it in the moment, I was living out the mantra that I’ve been trying to live by recently - If something scares you, do it. The fear that comes from the unknown is something that I want to continue to confront, face on. I’ve realized that I need that uncomfortableness in my life to challenge myself. I need a little kick in the pants.

    Apr. 29

    5 Things To Do in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a huge city with so many things to do and see! It's the wonderful mix of many different cultures that makes the city so interesting and unique. We were only there long enough to barely scratch the surface, so I hope to go back one day and dig in a little deeper.