Lake Villarrica

Lake Villarrica

In the south of Chile, in between two charming town, sits a lake with jaw-dropping views from every angle. Jagged mountains serve as the primary backdrop to the typically glass-like water. Though the towering volcano with smoke looming around its peak can easily steal the show with the overwhelming sense of awe it provokes. This lake just so happens to be located two blocks from the cabin we’re currently calling home.

Lake Villarrica Lake Villarrica Lake Villarrica

Though the lake remains fairly quiet during the colder months, the presently deserted kiosks, the empty black sand beach, and the single brave kayaker give us glimpses of the lively scenes that flood its shores in the summer. While we dream of those warmer days when we can dip our feet into the pristine water, we will not let the chilly air keep us from enjoying walks along the shore, reveling in its staggering beauty.

Lake Villarrica Lake Villarrica

There is something incredibly calming about the sight of water that seems to put everything into perspective and quiets the day-to-day anxieties that we all experience. The massive mountains seem to tell us that our worries are not nearly as big as they feel, and encourage moments of reflection which help us re-evaluate our priorities. Though the busyness of our lives can often times discourage us from taking the time to partake in simple things that don’t produce a tangible product, such as taking a walk, I always feel more grounded after I have allowed myself to do those things.

As I write this and once again realize how fortunate we are to live so close to this little oasis in southern Chile, I hope to take advantage of all that this lake offers as much as possible during our time here.


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