Unwinding at Los Pozones Hot Springs


Hot Springs

It’s hard to think of a day that sounds more relaxing than soaking in a natural hot springs surrounded by autumn-colored trees and a cool breeze. There are endless ways to expend your energy amongst the lakes and mountains in this region, so it only seems fitting that nature gives us a way to relax and unwind as well. Last weekend we traded in our hiking gear for swimsuits and headed out to spend the afternoon at one of the many hot springs just outside of Pucón.

Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs

Villarrica is a great base to take advantage of pretty much everything you could want to do around here. It’s just a short bus trip from Pucón, where you can catch buses that take you to the national parks, the volcano, and the hot springs. We decided to go to Los Pozones hot springs after it was recommended to us by several people for the peaceful atmosphere it offered, tucked in a beautiful forest amongst the streams and tall trees.

Some of the hot springs offer food and drinks in addition to other amenities, but this spot is kept wonderfully natural with only the springs and a changing room. We took a short break to eat the simple lunch we packed, but other than that we spent the entire time just soaking in the crystal clear water.

Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs

The occasional cool breeze provided a welcomed balance to the steamy water throughout the day. Although I felt like I could spend an eternity there, my body knew it needed a break after a few hours. We reluctantly left the tranquility of the water, put our coats back on and headed back up the hill to catch the bus back to Pucón. I felt like I was in a dream as we walked up the steep incline to find the mountain tops completely engulfed in wispy clouds. With its close proximately to Villarrica, we will surely be back soon to experience another afternoon as relaxing as that one.

Los Pozones hot springs: Hours 11 - 18 (8,000 pesos), 18:30 - 0:00 (10,000 pesos)
Getting there: Buses depart from Pucón M-Sat. at 7, 10:30, 13:30, 15:40, 17:30 // Sun. at 10:30, 13:30, 15:40, 17:30 (1,500 pesos)
Tips: Bring your own food, drinks, and towels


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